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The American-Ukrainian School of Computer Science (AUS), www.cs.umaine.edu/~aus, was founded in April, 2004 according to the bilateral agreement between the Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU, Ukraine) and the University of Maine (UMaine, USA). This agreement has been concluded according to the initiative of Prof. Anatoly Sachenko as a result of his work in UMaine and Bowdoin College as Fulbright-Professor, and Prof. George Markowsky from UMaine. Prof. George Markowsky was the first Dean of the AUS during 2004 / 05.

AUS's students are studying according to the Ukrainian and American educational standards; therefore the pragmatism of the American education had been supplemented with the Ukrainian achievements in fundamental subjects learning. The studying process is defined by the integrated curricula in Computer Science and Computer Engineering which include courses required by the Ministry for Education and Science of Ukraine as well as courses from curricula of the American universities.

Students are studying during 4 years and after the successful examinations obtain a Bachelor Degree. After that the essential part of students, according to their wishes will have the opportunity to continue their studies at the TNEU, UMaine or any other American and European university and apply for Master / PhD degree.

In 2014-2015 academic year we begin a new Master Program in Computer Science. All subjects are instructed in English. A term of study is one and half of year.  In addition, it is possible to spend one or more semesters (all credits will be transferred) at one of two Universities in Germany: HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences or Dortmund University of Applied Sciences.

Also, in 2014-2015 academic year we begin a new Master Program in Project Management. There are admitted persons with Bachelor or Specialist Degree from any field of study. All subjects are instructed in English.  In addition, it is possible to continue a study within the consortium European Master in Project Management (http://www.fh-dortmund.de/en/fb/9/studieng/940/eurompm.php ) and get, else Ukrainian diploma the European diploma as well.

The lectures at the AUS are conducting by the faculty from American and European universities, participants of Fulbright program in Ukraine, Peace Corps representatives and leading instructors of the TNEU, many of which have been trained in the USA and Europe. The main feature of the AUS is learning courses in English. The Credit Transfer System, ECTS, is used to ensure that students will save their work credits and will have the opportunity to complete education in the USA or Western Europe universities.

International Links
AUS has agreements for cooperation and students exchange with the following universities: UMaine (USA), University of South Carolina Upstate (USA), University of Siegen (Germany), Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania), Technical University of Sofia (Bulgaria), etc. It is necessary to underline that on successful graduation from UMaine and gaining American academic degree, alumni may apply for prestige work in the USA and Western European companies, as well as in the Ukrainian enterprises especially with the western management style.

Student Exchange
AUS facilitates the student transfers and exchange. For example, two former TNEU students Andriy Fedorov and Andriy Kot obtained MSc degree and now are pursuing their PhD in the William & Mary College, Virginia; Vitaliy Vitsentiy received his MSc degree in the UMaine; AUS student of third course Vitaliy Matiash was recommended to continue his study in the University of South Carolina Upstate; AUS students of fourth course Iurii Ferents and Olexandr Shepchenko won grant and studied during the spring semester of 2009 in the UMaine.
Students exchange between TNEU and UMaine as well as the visits to American universities in Europe are planned in order to facilitate the adaptation to American education. In March, 2008 AUS students already visited Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute – the eldest polytechnic university in the USA. They spent there 10 days and were partially involved in the educational process. The contacts will be provided with the leading Ukrainian and foreign enterprises and establishments for possible base of future practice, trainings and employment of AUS alumni also.

Student Capabilities and Outlook
AUS facilitates the clever and diligent students in application for different educational and research grants. For example, the scholarship of $1000 is assigned this year from Darwin's Grove LLC, USA, for student research projects support. Active AUS students have opportunities to join the IEEE Student Branch in TNEU, www.ewh.ieee.org/sb/ukraine/tneu, to participate in the international projects of Research Institute for Intelligent Computer Systems, www.ics.tneu.edu.ua, as well as international scientific conferences, www.idaacs.net, take a part in the technical meetings of the IEEE Ukraine Section Instrumentation & Measurement / Computational Intelligence Joint Societies Chapter, www.ewh.ieee.org/r8/ukraine/im_ci, obtain their PhD degree in TNEU and be employed in the University.