COS 220: Introduction to C++ Programming

Sudarshan S. Chawathe
University of Maine

Spring 2023

This course is an introduction to computer programming using the C++ language. Its catalog description states:

Topics include programming techniques with a brief introduction to hardware concepts as they apply to software development. Students are assigned programs emphasizing numerical algorithms for implementation in the C++ language. Assumes knowledge of the Windows operating system, basic word processing, and file and folder management. Some prior experience in programming logic, macros, or scripting is recommended.

This course introduces both programming and the C++ language without assuming any prior knowledge of either. In the programming aspects, the primary emphasis is on fundamental topics, such as logic, control flow, and the static and dynamic scope of objects, that span programming languages, using C++ for concreteness. In the C++ aspects, the primary emphasis is on the simpler features of the language that are readily accessible while concurrently learning programming. Another important aspect relates to the formal and informal standards, tools, and practices (e.g., standard input and output streams, build systems and Makefiles, and integrated development environments) that form the environment in which typical programming work is performed. We adopt an active learning approach that emphasizes exploration.

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