The short story: htmlslide is a simple program that generates HTML-based slideshows, suitable for viewing collections of photographs. The original version is due to Alessandro Menegon, who deserves most of the credit. I made a few changes that are outlined below.

A longer story: There are dozens of slide-show programs out there, but I wanted something simple and portable, something that I could put on a CD-ROM containing photos that is to be sent to people who cannot be expected to set-up much software. I found only one program that fit the bill: htmlslide. It uses only HTML and CSS. No Javascript, no Java, no PHP, no MySQL, no cross-platform scripting accessing an object-oriented middleware to interface with a relational backend, etc. What we have here is something you can put on a CD and send to grandma. Any Web browser worth its salt should work for viewing. (I felt I needed to justify this claim, so I made sure my dark scheme validates with the W3C. So if your browser does not work, you should really complain to the browser-makers.) On the other hand, the template-based architecture does permit a fair bit of creative design. The included templates illustrate some possibilities.

Sudarshan S. Chawathe