Homework and Project Submissions

Handwritten answers to non-programming problems should be submitted in class on the due date, at the beginning of class, unless prior alternate arrangements are made. If you prefer to type your answers, please make sure the result uses the proper symbolic notation for mathematical constructs. Illegible, hard to read, or otherwise messy submissions, whether handwritten on typed, are likely to be returned without grading, for zero credit. Answers to programming problems should be submitted electronically, using the packaging and submission procedure that will be described in class and on the class newsgroup.

All electronic submissions must be made using the upload interface at http://cs.umaine.edu/~chaw/u/. Electronic submissions in all other forms, such as email or physical media, will be discarded and receive no credit.

If your upload is successful, you will be presented with a confirmation Web page similar to the following sample. You should record the reported MD5 checksum and timestamp.

SUCCESS: Please note the following for your records.  
Successfully saved cos226-hw01-aardvark-alice-4233.tgz.  
MD5 checksum: 09ee098b83d94c7c046d6b55ebe84ae1  
Timestamp: 2015-09-10 03:37:42

If you do not see something very similar then your submission is unsuccessful.