At the beginning and end of each class, I typically announce the topics and textbook sections covered in that class and those due at the next class. It is important that students read the material before the class in which it is discussed and, in general, keep up with readings and studies. An approximate schedule appears in Figure 1. Please use it only as a rough guide to plan your studies. Do not use it to schedule travel or other events. If you need a definite answer on when something will or will not occur, you should check with me.



September 1st     C1

Introduction; trees §18.0–18.3.

3rd     C2

Traversals; binary search trees; order statistics; §18.4–18.end.,19.0–19.2.

8th     C3

Analysis of algorithms; maximum contiguous subsequence; §5.0–5.3.

10th     C4

Static searching; further analysis; §5.4–5.end.

15th     C5

BST analysis, AVL trees; §19.3–19.4.

17th     C6

 Quiz 1, regular class time & place.

22nd     C7

Red-black trees; §19.5.

24th     C8

AA-trees; §19.6.

29th     C9

B-trees; disk data structures; §19.7–19.end.

October 1st     C10

AA-trees; B-trees; §19.6,19.8.

6th     C11

Catch-up; review.

8th     C12

 Midterm Exam 1, regular class time & place.


 ×No class. Fall break Oct. 12th–13th.

15th     C13

B-trees; binary heaps; §19.8,21.1–21.3.

20th     C14

Splay trees; §22.1–22.2.

22nd     C15

Splay trees; §22.3–22.4.

27th     C16

Skew heaps §23.1.

29th     C17

 Quiz 2, regular class time & place.

November 3rd     C18

Splay trees.

5th     C19

Pairing heap; §23.2.

10th     C20

Sorting; §8.1–8.4.

12th     C21

Sorting; selection; §8.5–8.8.

17th     C22

Catch-up; review.

19th     C23

 Midterm Exam 2, regular class time & place.

24th     C24

Graphs; shortest paths; §14.4–14.5.


 ×No class. Thanksgiving break Nov. 25th–Nov. 29th.

December 1st     C25

Graphs; shortest paths; §14.1–14.3. Term project submissions due.

3rd     C26


8th     C27

Catch-up; review. CS education week.
Term Projects Exhibition

10th     C28

CS education week.


 ×No class. Finals week Dec.14th–18th.
 Final Exam per Univ. sched.


 ×No class. Finals week Dec.14th–18th.
 Final Exam per Univ. sched.

Figure 1: Approximate schedule, likely to change.