Online Resources

Class Web site:
We will use the class Web site for posting assignments, readings, notes, and other material. Please monitor it.
Class Newsgroup:
We will use the local USENET newsgroup umaine.cos451 on the NNTP (net news) server for electronic discussions. The Web interface at provides convenient access. Some further, more general, information on USENET appears at The newsgroup is the primary forum for electronic announcements and discussions, so please monitor it regularly, and post messages there as well. Unless there is a reason for not sharing a question or comment, please use the newsgroup, not email, for questions and comments related to this course.
Class mailing list:
Please make sure you are on the class mailing list. The mailing list will use the email address for each student as recorded in the official university records (MaineStreet system). We will use this mailing list only for urgent messages because all other messages will go on the class newsgroup. I anticipate fewer than a dozen messages on this list over the semester.